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>Sheep and Wool, Happy Mother’s Day

> ” Last week we went to the fairy festival, today we are going to sheep and wool- it must be almost summer!”- Hazel Yes, we do look forward to the sheep and wool festival. And the fact that we go every year in the spring, does make it a cornerstone to our seasonal rhythm. … Continue reading

>Mealtime Blessing

>For the last year or so we have been looking for a meal time blessing for our troop. January and I wanted something that would help to calm the girls and bring them to center, while also highlighting the blessing it is for all of us to be together. Daytime meals are often shared among … Continue reading

>Things we are thinking about . . .

> The Sheep and Wool Festival! : Around here we are thinking about all the wonderful wooly things we will want to make over the next year. We are headed to the sheep and wool festival in about a week and a half to stock up on roving and yarn for the next years projects. Our … Continue reading


>I must admit to a bit of teariness as we celebrate this morning. It’s hard not to feel a little emptiness in the place I should soon have been feeling movement. I had expected our Easter pictures to feature an extra someone yet to come. As I watch this two littles explore their baskets and … Continue reading

>In honor of Earth Day

> A photograph of Lyra after helping at our CSA’s farm. The farm is small, a 60 share CSA, within the limits of our small city ( big town) in the suburbs. It’s a small farm with big ideas, ones we are honored to be a part of.

>Irritated. That is how I feel.

>So in browsing my blog stats I came across this link . It is to a site that gathers information from blogs when people say “I feel”. And copies it to the end of the sentence. Identifies the feeling and gives it the bloggers demographics and location. Then it compounds everyone’s feelings into on big pot … Continue reading

>Preparing For Our Homeschool Portfolio Review

> It’s that time again. This will be my forth review, and if all goes well- I will only need to be reviewed once a year from here on out. I review with the county board of education where we live. I have not encountered anything but helpful nice people at my reviews, so why … Continue reading

>today is . . .

>yoga mama biscotti day a spring ritual that always comes at just the right time when yoga mama’s really need a little distraction and tiny reminder that celebration is in everyday- just waiting for the right bubble. And today, we need a little music and a little mess to shake out the deep thoughts and deep … Continue reading

>In celebration of life, love, mama’s intuition, and sadness. In celebration of sadness.

>I felt her sweet and gentle spirit for the first time several years ago as I passed a field at harvest time. And last year on Halloween, I told my husband she’d be here this time next year. Do you really want another, he asked. I can just feel this little spirit that wants to … Continue reading